Pterygium are, proliferations of thick, triangular shaped, conjunctival connective tissue, which slowly grow in the eye.  Pterygia actually extend over the cornea and are less common compared with pinguecula, which is a similar condition.  If the pterygium have extended over the eye then vision may be impaired.  Foreign body sensation may happened  in your eye.  Refractive errors such as astigmatism may be caused by pterygium as they can grow over the cornea.

Surgical removal of the pterygium may be considered in severe cases when it interferes with vision or if you wear contact lenses or if you are having to blink a lot and the pterygium is causing a serious problem.  It can also be removed if it is very uncomfortable or inflamed. Autologous conjunctival autografting is the most effectively technique of operation.

Dr. Blerina Kambo